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What is Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery has 2 main components – Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. Reconstructive Surgery uses surgical techniques to rebuild skin, tissues and muscle which have been damaged by injuries, disease, or birth defects. Reconstructive Surgery helps to restore function, as well as, appearance. Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery helps to improve the appearance, of a healthy individual, who is looking to enhance, augment, turn back the clock or bring their face or body into optimal proportions to improve self-esteem or just to feel good about themselves. Latest techniques allow for minimal downtime and discomfort, and accelerated healing, allowing you to get back to enjoying your life.

Why Travel for Plastic Surgery

Many factors contribute to the popularity of overseas destinations for plastic surgery patients. The leading reason for international cosmetic surgery destinations is that with most insurances and national health plans, cosmetic surgeries are not covered. The cosmetic surgery cost is borne by the patient 100% and may be very costly in their locality. Since plastic surgery is significantly cheaper in most medical travel destinations, it becomes a good option for medical travel.

Why Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, M.D., FACS

The answer is - Exceptionally high level of expertise. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery, Diplomate American Board of Surgery, India’s only Active member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, can provide a full spectrum of care from the latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures to the most advanced techniques in anti-aging and skin care. He is recognized as a leader in the Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging medicine. Dr. Kashyap has 16 years of surgical experience in the USA, several research publication and has written a chapter in one of the leading academic plastic surgery reference books. He has performed over 10,000 surgeries, and was the only plastic surgeon for the Indian version of Extreme Makeover show, Naya Roop, Nayi Zindagi, produced by Buena Vista TV and SONY TV. During the airing of this show, his results were seen internationally and were applauded by the medical fraternity. He specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and body contouring through various methods of body sculpting and lift procedures. He has performed numerous successful body lift procedures on post bariatric patients, both local and international.

For several years, Dr. Kashyap, has helped thousands of patients to make them look and feel better, safely and effectively. Every effort is made to ensure your comfort and confidentiality, while focusing on helping you achieve your aesthetic and/or reconstructive goals. We are dedicated to providing you with the finest possible medical services with individualized and personalized care.

Planning Tips

After body contouring or facial enhancement, you will need time to heal. Although a number of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures are performed on an outpatient basis or require at most a night or two in the hospital, medical travelers should not be too quick to return home. There is minimal post-op period, which varies from procedure to procedure, where you need to be in India. The initial healing phase needs to be done under the watchful eye of Dr. Kashyap.

The list goes on…. to make your stay and recovery more comfortable.


Monitoring your healing intensifies when you return home. We would like to hear from you with any and all concerns you may have. We have gone through these procedures hundreds of time with our patients, but realize that for you, it is probably the first, and the last time. No question is too big or too small. Accelerated healing happens when you are stress free, which is why we want to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed about your procedure when you are home.

International Cosmetic Packages

Each individual is unique and so is the requirements. Each surgical plan is customized to suit you, keeping your concerns and desires in mind, to give you optimal results. We have also developed a few International Cosmetic Surgery Packages at a special price, which combines procedures which go together beautifully, to give exceptional results. These can be further customized to suit your needs by adding on related procedure. The related procedures that we have recommended are specified as "Add-On Procedures". These procedures can be added on to the package for an extra price. Since everyone's requirements are unique, this helps to customize each package for you. You can either take the package, as is, at the special price or customize the package by adding on additional procedures for an extra price.

Turn Back the Clock: Anti-Aging Packages

We have put together some Anti-Aging packages at special prices. You feel young and energetic on the inside, but the reflection in the mirror shows the opposite. These Anti-Aging packages help to turn back the clock, restoring a youthful, rested appearance.

Anti-Aging Packages:

  • Package #1: Facelift, Upper Necklift, Upper Blepharoplasty
  • Package #2: Facelift + Upper Necklift + Upper Blepharoplasty + Lower Blepharoplasty + Browlift

Recommended Add on Procedures: Lower Blepharoplasty, Browlift, Forehead Lift, KAS Facelift (non-surgical), Autologous Fat Transfer, Fillers, Botox, MonaLisa Procedure, Lip Augmentation, Chin Liposuction

Special Men: Specialized Packages for Men

We have put together a Specialized Men package at a special price. Men have different requirements then women. This package targets common problems concerning men, to help increase self-confidence.

Special Men Package:

  • 3 Regions of Vaser/Lysonix Liposuction (Abdomen + Love Handle + Hips) and Gynecomastia

Recommended Add on Procedures: Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant, Liposculpture for 6-pack Abs, Skin Rejuvenation for Men, Facial Sculpting, KAS Fluid Lift

Bring Your Face and Body Into Harmony: Total Balance Packages

We have put together some Total Balance packages at special prices. Total Balance helps to restore balance and harmony in the face and the body.

Total Balance Packages:

  • Package #1: Rhinoplasty + 2 Region Liposuction
  • Package #2: Rhinoplasty + Cheek Augmentation with Autologous Fat+ 1 Region Liposuction
  • Package #3: Rhinoplasty + Chin Augmentation + 1 Region Liposuction
  • Package #4: Brazilian Buttlift + Breast reduction + 3 region liposuction for only

Recommended Add on Procedures:Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation (with silicone gel implants), Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia, Facelift, Chin Augmentation, Cheek Augmentation, Lip Augmentation, KAS Fluid Lift

Mommy Makeover Packages

We have put together some Mommy Makeover packages at special prices. These procedures help to turn back the clock for mothers, bringing their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy state, or many times, even better than their pre-pregnancy state.

Mommy Makeover Packages:

  • Package #1: Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + 1 Region Vaser/Lysonix Liposuction
  • Package #2: Tummy Tuck + 1 Region Vaser/Lysonix Liposuction + Breast Reduction
  • Package #3: Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Breast Augmentation (with silicone gel implants) + 1 Region Vaser/Lysonix Liposuction

Recommended Add on Procedures: Stretch Mark Removal, KAS Fluid Lift

Jump Start Your Weightloss: Weight Management Package

We have put together a Weight Management package at a special price. Sometimes it is hard to get started with a weightloss program. This package helps to get you jump started; to the path of weightloss, giving you confidence and inspiration to continue on your weightloss goals.

Weight Management Package:

  • 3 Regions of “Jump Start” Vaser/Lysonix Liposuction + Breast Reduction/Gynecomastia + 3 sessions of Yoga + Dietary and Exercise Programs

Recommended Add on Procedures: Tummy Tuck, Facial Liposculpture

Renew Your Skin: Skin Rejuvenation Package

We have put together a Skin Rejuvenation package at a special price.

Skin Rejuvenation Package:

  • KAS Fluid Lift + 3 sessions Medi-Grade Peels + 2 sessions of Radiofrequency Skin Enhancement

Recommended Add on Procedures: Surgical Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion, Under Eye Circles Removal Therapy, Fillers, Botox

Post-Massive Weightloss Packages

We have put together some Post-Massive Weightloss packages at special prices. You have worked hard and lost a considerable amount of weight. The weight has gone, but the excess skin has still confined you to loose clothing and still not feeling confident. Our packages are here to give you confidence and make you look and feel terrific!

Post-Massive Weightloss Packages:

  • Package #1: Total Lower Body Lift (Tummy Tuck + Outer Thigh Lift + Buttock Lift) + Breast Lift + Arm Lift
  • Package #2: Total Lower Body Lift (Tummy Tuck + Outer Thigh Lift + Buttock Lift) + Gynecomastia + 2 regions Vaser/Lysonix Liposuction

Recommended Add On Procedures: Facelift, Neck Lift, Neck Liposculpture, Breast Augmentation (with silicone gel implants)

Wedding Packages

We have put together some Wedding packages at special prices. Your Wedding Day is one of the most special days, where you want shine and look your best. With these treatments, you will look your best on that particular day, and all of the following days as well. These procedures prepare both the bride and the groom, for your wedding day and keep you looking beautiful for the years ahead.

Wedding Packages:

  • Package #1: KAS Fluid Lift + 2 Liposuction + Lip Augmentation
  • Package #2: KAS Fluid Lift + 2 Liposuction + Rhinoplasty

Recommended Add On Procedures: Medi-Grade Peels, Facial Resurfacing, Radiofrequency Facial + Microdermabrasion, Lip Augmentation, Breast Augmentation (with silicone gel implants)