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Before you can make an informed decision to undergo surgery, you must feel comfortable and confident. Our consultation process is formulated to ensure you feel comfortable whether you live locally or reside at a distance. Your confidentiality is our priority.

1. Regional Patients :

For our New Delhi and NCR patients, please feel free to call our office at: +91-9818369662 or 9958221983 and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Kashyap. At the time of your in person-consultation, you can talk to the doctor about your desired surgery and reasons why you would like to have it performed. He will share his extensive library of "before" and "after" photographs of previous patients, and then will discuss your individual situation at length, including your concerns and expectations. A computerized picture modification to show you expected results of your desired procedure will be done on request. Your digital picture will be taken and modified using the latest medical software and "morphing" technologies to show you the expected postoperative results. You can have additional consultations with a Medical Aesthetician or an Alternative Medicine specialist if required.

2. Long Distance Patients :

For our long distance patients, International and National, there are a few steps which need to taken to ensure each patient is comfortable. There are 2 main steps - Long Distance Consultation and In-Person Consultation. These two steps are to ensure a high comfort level with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap and the procedures you plan to have performed.

First: Long Distance Consultation

  • Introduction: Email the doctor with the type of surgery you are interested in having performed and why. What are your expectations? Your concerns? If possible, attach photographs, Dr. Kashyap can then advise you on the best cutting-edge techniques he would perform to achieve your desired results - safely. Pictures are requested in the following manner: one frontal, two side/profile views (right profile and left profile). Email to:
  • Fill out the Patient Medical History Form and email it back to us.
  • Have an email consultation with Dr. Kashyap. ASK QUESTIONS!
  • Only upon Dr. Kashyap's request, send additional medical records. We will recommend the best way to send them to us depending upon where you reside.
  • If you and the doctor agree that the surgery will benefit you, you can begin to plan for the operation.
    • Let us know when you plan to come to New Delhi for your procedures, so we can ensure that Dr. Kashyap is available on those dates.
    • Let us know the duration of your stay in the country and New Delhi.
    • Please note: Surgeries are not performed on Sunday. Also, surgeries are performed at least 24 hours after your arrival in India. This gives you time for your in-person consultation and pre-operative tests (required for procedures performed under General Anesthesia or Twilight Anesthesia).
  • Contact our travel coordinator at . Let us know what you require to plan a comfortable and memorable trip. Inform us of the following:.
    • Planned travel dates
    • Number of days of your stay in India
    • The procedure(s) that will be performed

Second: In-Person Consultation

When you meet with U.S. Board Certified Dr. Ajaya Kashyap for the first time, he will carefully examine you and will go over all aspects of the surgery. He will ensure that all of your questions are answered and you are completely comfortable.