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Surgical Scar Reduction

Scar revision is a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure which aims at improving the appearance of scars. Further, in some cases, it can also help in restoring lost functions to the affected area, as in burn scars, trauma scars, etc. There are different types of scar revision procedures including non-surgical and surgical options. Plastic surgeons help the patient in choosing the most effective procedure. Scar revision treatments aim at minimizing scars so they are hardly noticeable and they become consistent with the texture and tone of surrounding skin.

Scars refer to visible sign which remain even after wound has healed. They cannot be avoided as scars are consequential to any type of injury or trauma to the skin. Also it is not possible to predict their development. Often, it is poor healing which contributesto development of scars that are obviously, disfiguring and unsightly. As a matter of fact, even a wound which has healed perfectly can cause scar affecting your looks and appearance. Scars are different in texture or colour, might be recessed or raised, particularly visible because of their location, shape or size.

As far as treatment options for scar revision are considered, they many vary on the basis of degree and type of scarring and can include:

  • Topical Ointments
  • Deep Chemical Peels
  • Laser
  • Minimal invasive procedures
  • Surgical Dermabrasion
  • Surgical Excision

It is important for you to know that scar revision can significantly improve the appearance of scars; however it cannot be removed or erased completely.

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