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Hyper-Pigmentation(Dark pigmentation)

Skin pigmentation disorders and irregularities are common. Hyperpigmentation problems are particularly prevalent and many are associated with aging. While the triggers may vary, hyperpigmentation occurs when pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) become more active than normal, which leads to the production and deposition of more pigment (melanin).

Age spots / sun spots (solar lentigines)

Age spots/sun spots (solar lentigines) are pigmented skin blemishes associated with aging, sun damage and, to a lesser degree, other forms of skin damage. They are sometimes erroneously called liver spots, which is misleading because they are unrelated to the liver and in no way reflect liver function. Age spots range in color from light brown to black and are predominantly located in areas exposed to the sun, such as hands, face, and arms.

Treatments for Age Spots include – Deep and Medium Chemical Peel, Smoothbeam Laser, topical ointments and Surgical Dermabrasion. A customized treatment plan may include one treatment or a combination.


Freckles (ephelides) are small, pigmented spots containing more melanin than the surrounding skin. Freckles are not caused by aging and/or sun damage. As opposed to age spots, freckles tend to fade with age. Sun exposure, while not a cause of freckles, typically makes freckles much more prominent. Freckles are found mainly in fair skinned people and tend to run in families. The cause of freckles appears to be largely genetic.

Treatments for Freckles include – Deep and Medium Chemical Peel, topical ointments and Smoothbeam Laser. A customized treatment plan may include one treatment or a combination.


Melasma is a condition characterized by increased tan-like skin pigmentation typically having uneven, patchy distribution. While hormonal changes seem to be the most common cause of melasma ,other factors may have a role. In particular, a combination of sun damage and certain ingredients found in deodorants, toiletry and other personal care products may result in melasma - apparently due to local sensitization of melanocytes.

Treatments for Melasma include – An intense treatment plan using Deep and Medium Chemical Peels with topical ointments .

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