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Specialized Treatments for Teens

Healthy, happy and confident teens and young adults are tomorrow's strong, poised and self-assured adults. A positive self-image is very important in developing self-confidence now and for the future, but may be hindered due to irregularities in physical appearances. Most teens are very self-conscious about their physical appearance and any physical differences may result in teasing or bullying by their peers. These irregularities can easily be rectified through procedures, which are safe and age appropriate. Since ages 14 to 20 years are developing years, treatments and programs cannot be the same as in adults, and must be tailored for this specific age group. Gynecomastia treatment helps to remove over-developed male breasts to allow children to participate in water sports; Rhinoplasty can help to shape nose to bring balance to the face; Otoplasty can reset the ears; Laser treatments can remove embarrassing hair, control acne and minimize ace scars; Surgical dermabrasion or Laser treatments can help minimize scars as well; Laser hair removal helps to do away with unwanted hair.

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