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Post Massive Weight Loss

Plastic surgery after massive weight loss has become a popular to help reshape the body. Excessive weight loss, due to bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, gastric banding, etc) or natural method through diet and exercise, results in excess loose and baggy skin, loose muscles and certain areas of stubborn fat deposits. Excess skin which overhangs sometimes results in skin ulcers and other problems. American Board certified, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap has vast experience in body contouring after massive weight loss. Dr. Kashyap is keenly aware that the skin that remains after weight loss, can make this exceptional weight loss accomplishment seem "incomplete". He uses the most advanced surgical techniques to safely rejuvenate the face, neck, torso, upper body and lower body after weight loss. The goals of plastic surgery after weight loss may address many concerns, including:

  • Remove the loose skin that often remains after weight loss, which may also cause infections and sores which develop in the folds of skin.
  • Tighten abdominal muscles that have become lax
  • Remove excess fat that was resistant to your weight loss
  • Results in giving greater enjoyment in social, physical and intimate activities that you may be otherwise avoiding
  • Improves confidence, self-esteem and self-image
  • Create symmetry and a more proportionate body
  • Make your weight loss journey “complete”

When performed by an experienced, American board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Kashyap, the risks associated with body contouring surgery are few. Although the surgery may take up to six hours to perform, the procedure is not overly complicated. Recovery is relatively mild, most patients require just a couple of nights in the hospital.

The best candidates are healthy individuals who have stabilized their body weight. Following bariatric surgery, weight loss generally continues for about a year and a half before stabilizing. (Of course, the duration of weight loss and number of pounds lost vary by individual.) People with co-existing conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes or severe heart problems, may not be eligible for surgery.

You may require one to three surgical sessions, depending on the extent of re-contouring required. Many procedures can be combined in one surgical session. The types of procedures that may be performed at the same time, to minimize the number of surgical sessions, will be discussed with you and Dr. Kashyap during your consultation process.

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