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Safety Precautions Against COVID-19 In Patient Care at KAS Medical Centre.

1. Prior to Coming to the Clinic:

  • a. History of possible contact with COVID-19 is taken, as well as, travel history is obtained to screen all entrants, and patients. This is performed before being scheduled for each appointment, prior to entering the premise.
  • b. No patient attendants or casual visitors allowed in. Only the patient will be allowed entry.
  • c. No walk-ins will be allowed. Appointments must be scheduled before coming to the clinic.
  • d. All patients that are scheduled for procedures will be required to undergo the COVID-19 test, approved by KAS Medical Centre.
  • e. All entrants are required to download and register on the Aarogya Setu app

2. After Arrival to the Premises but Before Entering the Clinic:

  • a. All patients are to be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering premise.
  • b. Any individual (including patients, staff, medical professional and other entrants) with any symptom(s) indicating COVID-19 (fever, aches/pains, sore throat, runny nose, dry coughs, chest pain, fever or shortness of breath) shall not be allowed within the premises.
  • c. No entrant is allowed to carry extra luggage, bags or other items within the premises. This includes any beverages and food items. One small bag/purse will be allowed per person which is to be sanitized prior to entry. If the entrant would prefer the bag to not be sanitized, the bag shall not enter the premises.

3. Specific Directions prior to entering the clinic/premises:

  • a. Aarogya Setu app check for a green light to allow entry
  • b. Shall have their temperature checked
  • c. Masks put on covering the nose and mouth
  • d. Sanitizer will be given for the hands
  • e. Proper footwear with shoe covers (given by staff) must be put on.
  • f. These are pre-entry requirements and if they are not properly adhered to, entry will be denied.

4. While in the clinic/premises:

  • a. No individual within the premises shall take off their mask, or uncover the mouth or nose under any circumstances.
  • b. Proper footwear with shoe covers (given by the staff) shall be worn by the entrant at all time.
  • c. Patients will be segregated and seated with a distance of 6 feet, as to ensure proper social distancing.
  • d. No individual shall touch or come close to another individual within the premises. A safe distance is to be maintained.
  • e. Surfaces and different areas of the premises will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day.

5. Our Staff, Our Clinic/Premises:

  • a. Any employees who have visited a hospital or medical centre treating COVID-19 patients will be quarantined till tested.
  • b. All entrants and staff will keep face-touching to a minimum.
  • c. All individuals within the premises are instructed to wash their hands and sanitize, frequently.
  • d. All medical service providers and medical personnel will be given PPE.
  • e. All employees, medical staff will undergo periodic COVID-19 testing.
  • f. Only scheduled deliveries will be allowed, and as soon as they have been received, they will be sanitized.

6. The medical staff reserves the right to restrict the entry or insist on the exit of any individual not adhering to the above guidelines or any additional instructions given for their safety and the safety of others.