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Our doctor, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, MD, FACS is a specialist cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, who has more than 26 years experience in the plastic and cosmetic surgery field and is ranked number one as a specialist cosmetic surgeon in India. He is a Triple American Board Certified Surgeon and the only cosmetic surgeon in Delhi who is an active member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is one the best cosmetic surgeon in world who is capable of performing world class cosmetic and plastic surgeries for the face, as well as, the full body. He is a specialist plastic surgeon in Delhi who has extensive experience in performing complicated re-constructive surgeries as well. He is one of the best plastic surgeon in Delhi who is recognized as a leader in the Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Post-Bariatric Surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Feel free to contact our offices to receive a quote for your cosmetic surgery cost in Delhi. Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Delhi are significantly lower than in other parts of the world. Therefore, the cost of plastic surgery in Delhi is cost effective while still providing exceptional state of the art medical care.

Your face is your initial introduction. Many people want to improve the look of their eyes, cheeks, chin nose, or overall shape of their face. Plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments, using the latest techniques are available with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap with minimal down time. Nose Surgery in India, also known as Rhinoplasty, can significantly improve your looks, by decreasing or increasing the height, changing the width, or tip. Cheek Augmentation in India and Chin Augmentation in India performed using fillers or implants, can give the face definitive features. Lip Reduction in India is helps to reduce the size of large lips bringing them into proportion to the rest of the face. Liposculpture in India can shape your face, using your own body fat, to change looks by either removing fat from areas such as under the chin or adding fat to regions like the cheeks or lips (for example - Lip Augmentation in India). Scar Revision in India helps to minimize those unsightly major facial and body scars with Lasers, Surgical Dermabrasion or excision. Turning back the clock has become important in a very competitive world. Minimal invasive procedures, require little downtime, but give exceptional results. Targeting the forehead and brow line, Browlift in India and Forehead Lift in India help to raise and lift the brow and forehead region giving a youthful appearance. These procedures are often combined with Blepharoplasty in India. Blepharoplasty helps tighten the upper and lower eyelids, to open up the eyes, giving a fresh awake look. Facelift helps to lift the face, removing jowls to give a defined youthful jawline. This is often combined with Neck Lift in India to erase the noticeable years. There are many other plastic surgery procedures for the face, which include Otoplasty in India, pinning back protruding ears and the Hair Transplant in India to for hair loss. This helps redistribute hair from dense areas of the head to thinner areas, giving the look, feel and look of a full head of hair.

Everyone wants to redefine the contours of their body to look their best. Body redefining treatments include Tummy Tuck in India which helps to achieve that smooth flat abdomen by removing excess abdominal fat and skin and tightening abdomen muscles. Another popular treatment is Liposuction in India which permanently gets rid of those stubborn fat pockets causing unsightly bulges. Women wanting to redefine their upper bodies, breast surgery helps to improve body contours. Large breasts often cause chronic shoulder and back pain. Breast Reduction in India safely helps to reduce breast size, bringing them in proportion to your body. Small breasts are sometimes cause of self esteem issues. This can easily be rectified with Breast Augmentation in India. For men, Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) is a common procedure to remove male breasts and achieve a flat chest area. Upper Body Lift in India and Lower Body Lift in India target specific areas which require tightening and lifting to reveal your beautiful shape which you have worked hard to accomplish. After considerable weight loss, Post Bariatric Surgery in India, also know as Post-Massive Weight Loss Surgeries in India gives shape to your body by removing excess skin and stubborn fat pockets, which refuse to go away. Mommy Makeover in India has become very popular in which multiple procedures help to get the body back in a pre-pregnancy state. Sometimes you get the body you wished you had, becoming better than ever before. Procedures usually include Tummy Tuck in India, liposuction with stretch mark removal treatments and Breast Lift in India. Other procedures which can be added are Thigh Lift in India, Back Lift in India, and Arm Lift in India.

No side effects with using your own tissues, is a great benefit. Autologous Fat Transfer in India is an ideal treatment using your own body fat to augment the body or the face. This natural filler is permanent, and can be used to give augment where volume lacking due to aging, heredity or trauma. Adding volume to these areas helps to enrich, restore and reverse aging. Common areas for augmentation are lips, cheeks, chin, breasts and buttocks. Autologous Fat Transfer in the buttocks is known as Brazilian Buttock Lift in India.

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  • " I traveled from my home country, USA to have Dr. Kashyap do my surgery because plastic Surgeons have to have the medical qualifications to perform surgery, but they also have to be artists-they have to have vision. Dr. Kashyap is an artist he has the vision and I was not comfortable with anyone else doing my surgery. Dr. Kashyap is just an HONEST, INTELLIGENT, SKILLED, HIGHLY DEDICATED Physician with unquestionable integrity. "

  • " Dr. Kashyap will be the only physician to do plastic procedures to me, past as well as future "