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Hormone Induced Acne

Today, along with wrinkles, acne is another problem women in their 30s and 40s are having to a tough time keeping at bay.

Acne may not surface and remain non-existent for many years. Then, surprisingly, acne may just to start erupting due to various factors. This causes a lot of frustration with emotional side effects, such as embarrassment, etc.

Studies have shown hormonal fluctuations as the cause of adult acne. This is brought on by pregnancy, PMS, stressful lifestyle, or wrong diet resulting in an increase in cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol gets broken down into testosterone, a male hormone, which pumps excess oil through the pores. Thus, hormone imbalance, unusually increased skin's oil production, causing acne flare-ups.

Stress is the biggest trigger of breakouts, and it can be stress due to daily activities of balancing the office and the home. Studies have shown that smoking can also be a cause of an acne breakout. There has been an association between smoking and whiteheads and blackheads in women.

Smoothbeam Laser helps to kill the bacteria which lies deep within the skin. The bacteria is activated to flare-up acne breakouts by hormone imbalances due to the various factors mentioned above.