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Face Cosmetic Surgery

When we look into the mirror, we focus on our imperfections or see someone unrecognizable, someone older than what we feel. We would like to see either the imperfection erased or the youthfulness we feel inside, reflected in the mirror we see each day. Looking older than you feel is just due to the passage of time. Looking older than your actual age can be due to stress, improper eating, and/or poor lifestyle habits. There may be another problem - absence of facial harmony. This may be due to recessed cheek bones, small chin, irregular shape of the nose, double chin, etc. Aesthetic face surgery can allow you to achieve facial harmony, refresh your look and restore confidence in your appearance. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap uses the state-of-the-art technology with the latest techniques, while maintaining US safety standards to give you optimum results.

Having a youthful face helps to increase your self confidence. Dr. Kashyap performs various kinds of face surgery, for example SMAS, short scar, non-surgical, KAS Lift, etc. Contact our offices to receive your Face Surgery in Delhi, India. Face surgery cost in Delhi are very economical in comparison to other parts of the world while keeping international standards of medical care.

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