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Upper Body Lift

After loss of massive amounts of weight or after a pregnancy, happiness ensues. But sometimes this happiness is short lived due to excess skin which does not contract to reveal your new and improved body shape. In the upper body, arms me be flabby, back and chest area would have sagging skin, and the breasts in women are droopy, whereas, the males have developed breast tissue which does not subside with weight loss. In this scenario, Upper Body Lift, may be required to help remove the excess skin and tighten the upper body to reveal your improved body contours. Upper Body Lift procedures include Arm Lift, Breast Lift and Upper Back Lift. This procedure maybe combined with liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck or facial surgical procedures. Upper Body Lift helps to reveal the new you.

Our body has magnificent automatic mechanisms in place for growth and development. It also has a mechanisms to reduce body size by contracting size of fat cells and contracting skin. Sometimes when we stretch the skin beyond a certain point, it cannot easily contract back. Also, some body tissues, when developed, cannot reduce beyond a certain point as well. This results in sagging arms, breast and upper back. Upper Body Lift Surgery is the procedure which helps lift and tightens these areas. Having your Upper Body Lift procedure in Delhi by Dr. Ajaya Kashyap assures safety, exceptional results and confidentiality. Dr. Kashyap is a Specialist In Upper Body Lift procedures, having over 20 years experience. Being American Board certified in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kashyap has many international patients coming each year. Upper Body Lift surgery cost in Delhi is very economical while maintaining the highest in medical standards while using the latest surgical techniques. Dr. Kashyap, your Upper Body Lift Specialist In India, is the right choice to have your procedure. Call our office anytime to enquire about your Upper Body Lift Surgery Price in Delhi with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap.