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Scar Reduction

Many scars are not beautiful and sometimes reduce an individual's self esteem, when they are present on the face or areas of the body where people can see. With advancements in Plastic Surgery, today, you do not have to live with scars which are bothersome. Scars can be reduced so that they are not visible.

Scars which are present on the skin are the areas of damaged skin which most individuals would like to completely remove, to reflect clear, fresh, unharmed skin. Scarring comes about from the body's own natural healing process after skin tissue has been damaged. Damage can be caused by accident, trauma, surgery, bites, scratches, burns, tattoos, or injections. Tissue damage can also occur due to side effects of a health or medical condition such as a rash, chicken pox, acne, etc.

Scars cannot be removed 100%, but, they can be significantly reduced. Such substantial improvements in the damaged, scarred area can result in the scar hardly being noticeable at all. Treatment plans vary, depending on the type of scar, cause of scar, scar size, scar location on the face or body. Treatments include, Smoothbeam Laser, Deep Peels, Dermabrasion (surgical or micro), Surgical Excision, Surgical Grafting and Reconstructive Flaps. Treatment plans could include one or a combination of treatments, customized to give optimal results.